Why Should I Attend the InfertileAF Immersion Experience?


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Sometimes, we come across someone—or something—making waves in the #ttccommunity that is so awesome, we can’t not let you know about it. It would just be defying the fertility warrior code. InfertileAF, dear friends, is one of those things.

Ever meet someone else on this crazy ride called infertility, and felt an immediate bond and connection with them? Like, a let’s-make-a-coffee-plan-but-then-accidentally-stay-and-chat-for-4-hours kind of bond? We’ve been there. There’s a reason why this is called a community. Anytime we’ve ever hung out with others who have experienced infertility…they just get it.

Led by Lindsay and Tia, two women with their own infertility journeys, InfertileAF is an amazing organization with community support, resources, and coaching. But where they really create magic are their incredible events, at which you can connect with other #ttcsisters IRL, hear from experts and captivating speakers, and engage in exercises helpful for your fertility and overall life outlook.

We’re PSYCHED to share that they’ve got another one coming up right around the corner—the InfertileAF Immersion Experience wellness retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona, September 26-29.

Here are a bunch of reasons why we think the Infertile AF Immersion Experience could be a game-changer for anyone #ttc:

1. It’s a self-care DREAM (and you deserve it)

You could be here.

Did you see our study that showed 21% of those facing fertility challenges have sacrificed self-care in order to afford treatment, and 48% have sacrificed socializing and going out with friends? You’ve got to take better care of yourselves, warriors!

Between all the poking and prodding, all the stress, and all the ups and downs, you not only deserve to prioritize yourself, but you also should take a breather every now and then so you can be your best self. The Immersion Experience is three days of coaching and wellness, yoga and meditation, and guidance and support. We’re guessing you’ll leave cleansed, thriving, and ready to conquer the world.

2. It’s at a 5-star property in gorgeous Sedona

Let’s state the obvious. Having a backdrop of Sedona instantly ups the ante for any trip, let alone a wellness retreat. To add to that? The house you’ll be staying at is a 5-star property, complete with private chef, pool, cabana, and hot tub, hammocks, huge projection TV, and more.

You’ll basically be living your best life at a house that’s pretty much straight out of an episode of Real Housewives. Fergie said it best: G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S.

3. It won’t break the bank

Okay, okay, we hear you…glamorous = crazy expensive, right? Wrong. The InfertileAF Immersion Experience is just $398/day (plus flights). Considering you get luxury accommodations, private fertility coaching sessions, wellness activities and offsite excursions (more on all that later)…it’s actually not a bad deal. But, more importantly—and excuse the cheesiness here—the bonds you’ll likely make with other attendees are priceless.

Oh, and did we mention you could get $100 off? Just enter the code COFERTILITY100 at checkout. We got you.

4. There’s so much room for activities(!)

The schedule at the Immersion Experience includes things like:

  • Guided meditation
  • Sunrise yoga
  • Healing/goal-setting group trainings
  • 1:1 personal fertility coaching with Lindsay and Tia
  • A private excursion into Sedona with trips to its famous healing vortexes (trust: even if you’re not a believer, they’re still amazing to experience)
  • Personal time to explore Sedona
  • Chef prepared meals

You’ll be busy, but a good, non-exhausting busy, with plenty of downtime. Just how we like it.

5. It’s not therapy—but it could be even better

Lindsay and Tia, InfertileAF’s founders

Lindsay and Tia are upfront in saying that they’re not licensed therapists. What they are, however, are two badass ladies with tons of life experience with trauma, infertility and self-coaching. They’ll be your cheerleaders for life, including infertility and beyond. And not to mention, being surrounded by women with similar infertility circumstances will be so, so therapeutic.

Have fun!

So, what are you waiting for? Hit us up on Instagram or in the comments below with any questions, and remember to enter code COFERTILITY100 at checkout for $100 off your trip. Have a blast, and soak up all the healing vibes.


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