I’m Overwhelmed—What’s the Best Ovulation Test Kit Out There?

Best Ovulation Kit
Want to know the most fertile days of your cycle? Ovulation kits can help you figure it all out.

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If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, chances are, someone has probably told you to use an ovulation test kit, or ovulation predictor kit (OPK), to help you out. Essentially, an ovulation kit helps take the guesswork out of when your fertile window might be—or, in other words, when the best time is to get it on with your babymaking partner.

Ovulation kits are awesome because they are precise. Unlike tracking your temperature daily in an effort to witness tiny spikes, or (even more fun) checking your cervical mucus, an ovulation kit will tell you more clearly—based on hormone levels in your urine—whether those little eggies of yours are getting ready to be released and meet sperm.

They’re also pretty easy to use. After peeing on one, the test measures your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels to see if you experience a surge. While you’ve always got LH hanging out in your body, you experience a sharp increase (up to 5x your normal amount) a day or two before ovulation.

Your fertile window, or the best time to have sex to get pregnant, is 12-36 hours before the start of the LH surge, and when your egg is released. The general rule of thumb is to have sex at least once within 3 days of getting a positive result.

So, which ovulation test is right for you? There are tons out there, which can be pretty overwhelming. We’ve broken down the deets so you can make an educated decision.

The 8 Best Ovulation Test Kits of 2020

Mira Fertility Tracker

The lowdown

If you want to get super serious about understanding your cycle, nothing tops the Mira Fertility Tracker. This bad boy is LEGIT—measuring your LH to a degree that was found by hospitals to be equivalent to leading lab grade readers. No more smiley faces or interpreting blurry lines. Woohoo!

What makes it unique

Mira provides actual mIU/mL concentration levels to predict ovulation and sends this data directly to the corresponding app without any manual data entry. If you’re having difficulty pinpointing exactly when you ovulate, this is truly the most modern and precise ovulation tracker we’ve seen.

The Mira Fertility Tracker is a big ticket item, but in our opinion, it’s really worth it. Ovulation test kits can really add up, so if you’re going to spend some cash, you might as well know that you’re getting the best. Plus, CoFertility warriors can score an exclusive 12% off their ENTIRE order for any Mira product —that’s almost $25 off a Mira Starter Kit or more than $10 off two boxes of wands! —using code COFERTILITY. Done and done!

Pearl Fertility Ovulation Test

The lowdown

Combine super-granular hormone testing with a user-friendly app, and you’ve got the Pearl Fertility ovulation test—one of the best out there. Pearl is not your typical smiley face/blurred line ovulation predictor kit. It includes 15 strips to measure your hormones for early prediction of your fertile window, and its app allows you to upload photos of your strips for extra precise reading.

The app then tells you accurate FSH and LH hormone levels and shares your expected window 5-6 days in advance. Seriously, this app is some of the best fertility tech we’ve ever seen.

The kicker? You can score 10% off by using code COFERTILITY10 at checkout. And, depending on how long you’ve been trying to conceive and how many tests you’ve taken, you know that 10% off can go a looooong way. Until Costco starts selling OPKs in bulk, we’ll be here, accurately testing our ovulation, while getting a solid 10% off. #winning!

What makes it unique

This app is awesome if your cycle is not your average, cookie-cutter, 28-day cycle. It’ll continue to update with each test and share your expected fertile window 5-6 days in advance. Hands up for all our irregular sisters out there!

Natalist Ovulation Test

The lowdown

We bet you never thought you’d hear the words “pretty” and “ovulation test” in the same sentence. But Natalist makes, hands-down, the prettiest ovulation tests we’ve ever seen. Aside from their gorgeous design and packaging, Natalist’s ovulation tests also include instructions that are totally jargon-free, super clear, and include illustrations that walk you through everything. Since we’re big fans of anything that helps un-complicate the fertility journey, we’re v into that.

And, by using code COFERTILITY10 at checkout, you can score 10% off all Natalist products. Yep, that extends to their pregnancy tests, at-home sperm analyses, prenatal supplements, and more. This code is limited to one use per customer, though, so make sure to stock up before you check out.

What makes it unique

If you’re #ttc, you know that running through an ovulation test with every cycle can reallllllly add up. We’ve always scratched our heads at why more ovulation test companies didn’t offer bulk pricing — until Natalist came along. At the time of writing this, you’re able to save when you purchase 4 boxes or 8 boxes of ovulation test kits. In our opinion, it could be really worth it to bundle.

First Response Ovulation Test

The lowdown

We all know that First Response holds its ground as one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests out there. What you didn’t know is they make a pretty solid ovulation kit, too. This test contains enough ovulation tests for a week, and they also throw in a pregnancy test for when that time comes.

This test aims to predict your most fertile 2 days each cycle. It’s a line test, so save your tests from each day to compare line darkness. Knowing how dark the line must be to indicate impending ovulation may be a challenge, but in general, the test line should be as dark or darker than the reference line. First Response also makes a digital (Yes + / No – ) version.

What makes it unique

Since it’s from the “#1 selling pregnancy test brand,” it’s pretty trustworthy. First Response claims that this test is over 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge in your urine. So, yeah…that’s pretty accurate.

Pregmate OPK LH Surge Predictor Kit Combo

The lowdown

These ovulation kit strips are pretty straightforward. Pee, check, repeat. Make sure to check the strips at exactly the 5 minute mark—any longer and you may experience a false positive. Many claim that PREGMATE works just as well as other name brand tests, but at a fraction of the cost.

What makes it unique

This kit comes in a variety of sizes, which can be tailored to your needs. Maybe you’ve just started trying to conceive and the 10 LH/5 hCG pack may be right for you; or maybe you’ve been undergoing fertility treatments for years and know you need a value pack (100 LH/20 hCG). Either way, this brand’s got you covered.

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Predictor Kit

The lowdown

Although it’s expensive, this ovulation kit is essentially foolproof. With this test, you’ll no longer have to squint hold the stick up to the light to decipher whether those lines are dark enough. On this test, a clear circle indicates low fertility, a flashing smiley face indicates high fertility, and a solid (non-flashing) smiley face indicates peak fertility or ovulation. It’s that simple. Pricey, but could be worth it.

This pack includes 20 strips for all you crazy testers out there. If you don’t reach peak fertility after one testing cycle, make sure to save your extra strips—you never know when you might need them.

What makes it unique

This test claims to be the only one that detects a surge in estrogen, another key fertility hormone that increases before your LH surge, in addition to measuring LH levels. It also identifies your 4 most fertile days, when most tests only show 2.

ClinicalGuard Ovulation Test Strips + Pregnancy Test Strips Combo

The lowdown

In short, these are cheap. Like, really cheap. If you’ve decided you’ve just about had enough spending precious cash on what feels like your 500th box of ovulation tests, these might be for you. The pack contains 40 ovulation test strips and 10 pregnancy test strips, so it could be a good option for a frequent tester. Did we mention these were cheap?

What makes it unique

This kit is no-frills and only contains strips, with no strip holder/applicator. You could use a cup to catch your urine and dip the strips in there…or just make sure you have really, really good aim.

Proov Ovulation Confirmation Fertility Tracking Kit

The lowdown

Proov claims to be a more accurate ovulation kit because it tests progesterone levels vs. LH levels monitored by other ovulation tests. While LH levels can predict impending ovulation, progesterone levels rise 24-36 hours after ovulation—and Proov touts that they’re the only ovulation test that can confirm whether or not ovulation has actually occurred. Monitoring progesterone is a double whammy, because if those levels remain elevated, that could be a sign of conception before taking a pregnancy test to confirm.

Either way, consider this a “double check” that may make the most sense to use together with another ovulation kit that measures LH levels. They call it a confirmation kit for a reason.

Price varies whether you order a pack of 7 or 21 tests.

What makes it unique

Besides testing for a completely different hormone, folks love Proov because it reduces the need for some bloodwork. Rather than heading to your RE for a progesterone level check, this could give you a pretty good idea of your progesterone levels and/or whether you ovulated.

The more you know

Irregular cycles = more ovulation tests

Ovulation tests are awesome, but they aren’t the end-all, be-all when it comes to understanding your menstrual cycle and fertility outlook. If your cycles tend to be unpredictable, you may want to use a test with many strips, so you can start early and have enough if you ovulate later (or not at all).

False positives are possible

It’s possible to experience a false LH surge on an ovulation test, due to small LH peaks before the big kahuna. This is especially common among women with PCOS, so if you’re one of those special ladies, make sure to talk to an RE in addition to tracking at home, so you can get your timing totally right.

The ovulation test may not show a surge

There’s also a chance you may not experience a positive ovulation test at all. While this can be super discouraging (we know—we’ve been there), take action. Chat with an RE if you think there’s a chance you aren’t ovulating, and hopefully he/she can get you back on track.

That said, it may be in your best interest to continue testing at home vs. only relying on doctor’s visits and bloodwork. You may have just had a very quick LH surge, and the ovulation test could have missed it. And while there’s definitely such a thing as information overload, ovulation kits can help you learn more about your cycle. That knowledge is invaluable.

FAQs about the best ovulation test kits

How soon after a positive ovulation test do you ovulate?

If you experience a positive ovulation test, you will likely ovulate a day or two later. An ovulation test measures your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) to see if you experience a surge of up to 5 times your normal amount. If you’re trying to get pregnant, the usual recommendation is to have sex at least once within 3 days of that positive result. 

Which ovulation test is most accurate? 

In our experience, the Mira Fertility Tracker is the most accurate ovulation test out there. It measures your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) to the exact mIU/mL concentration degree equivalent to leading lab grade readers. No blinking smiley faces or lines to interpret. It’s also a super accurate ovulation test because there’s zero manual data entry involved. The Mira ovulation test automatically sends your data to its app, leaving pretty much no room for error. We’re into it!

Are ovulation strips accurate? 

The most accurate way to test ovulation is via blood tests to measure hormone levels, vs. strips that may leave wiggle room for interpretation and error. That being said, ovulation tests are the second most accurate way of testing ovulation, certainly over temperature tracking and checking your cervical mucus (which may drive you insane anyway). Ovulation strips are one way to check for hormone levels in your urine that indicate if your eggs are about to be released. 

Why are my ovulation tests always negative?

If you’ve tested for a few cycles and your ovulation tests have always been negative, chat with your gynecologist or reproductive endocrinologist. There may be a few reasons why you may not be ovulating, and your doctor can hopefully help you get back on track. It’s also possible that the ovulation tests are negative because they simply missed your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) surge. If it’s a huge pain to head to your doctor, it may be worth taking a few more home tests to be sure you aren’t ovulating before making the trip. 

How many days do you ovulate? 

Ovulation typically lasts for about 24 hours (1 day), during which your ovaries release one or more eggs to potentially be fertilized by sperm. If you’re actively trying to conceive, experts usually recommend having sex at least once within 3 days of a positive ovulation test result. 

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