Fertility Insurance in Hawaii

IVF insurance Hawaii

Hawaii has a “one and done” fertility mandate. Basically, the state requires certain insurers to provide a one-time only benefit that covers the outpatient costs associated with IVF treatment. So if your IVF treatment does not work the first time, you do not get a second bite at the apple (no pressure!).


In addition to the “one and done” policy, IVF coverage is only available to a patient and their spouse if they have a five-year history of infertility or the infertility is associated with (i) endometriosis, (ii) fetal exposure to diethylstilbestrol, (iii) blocked or surgical removal of fallopian tubes; or (iv) abnormal male factor issues.


Want to improve Hawaii’s fertility coverage mandates? Contact RESOLVE and ask how to help lobby for coverage in your area. You never know.



Do insurance companies have to cover IVF? 


Yes, but you best get it right the first time.

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