Fertility Insurance in New York

IVF insurance New York

In New York, the legislature passed a new law, enacted in the 2020 state budget, that mandates coverage for up to three IVF cycles in certain large-group insurance plans. Furthermore, all private insurance companies are now legally required to cover “medically necessary egg freezing.”


Basically, for IVF to be covered, you need to be insured through a “large insurance plan.” The state law defines “large” as a plan providing coverage to 100 or more employees. If you are an employee of a small or medium-sized company or your company self-insures, then you are not guaranteed IVF coverage.


The new law also requires all insurance plans to provide coverage for cryogenic egg freezing, but only for “medically necessary purposes.” Examples of medically necessary purposes include women undergoing chemotherapy treatment, sex-reassignment surgery, sickle cell anemia, bone marrow transplant, or surgery for endometriosis.


Want to improve New York’s fertility coverage mandates? Contact RESOLVE and ask how to help lobby for coverage in your area. You never know.



Do insurance companies have to cover IVF? 



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