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While surrogacy has opened the possibility of parenthood to so many who may not otherwise be able to carry a child on their own, surrogacy laws can be pretty darn confusing. We're breaking it all down for you....

When you identify as LGBTQ, you know from the get-go that babymaking is probably going to be just a little bit more complicated for you than it was for your cousin Mackenzie and her boyfriend. So what do you do? First a little good news:...

If you’re thinking that a surrogate might be the answer to your “how will I become a parent” question, you’ve probably already started doing some math in your head to figure out how you’re going to cover all those costs. We're here to help you...

First of all—and most importantly—if you have recently miscarried (or think you may have), we are so, so sorry. Experiencing a miscarriage is probably one of the most, if not the most, emotionally painful things you’ll ever experience. Having your baby’s life taken away from...