What are the Best Fertility-Themed Holiday Gifts of 2021?

fertility holiday gifts

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We tell it like it is. And we’ll be honest, when you’re facing fertility challenges, the holidays can suck. Cards filled with growing families flowing into your mailbox, children’s holiday activities taking place all over town, and questions from your Grandma Susan about when you’ll be adding another stocking to the mantle (*eye roll*). To say you need a pick-me-up is an understatement. So we’ve rounded up the best fertility gifts to add to your wishlist—or impulse buy—this 2019 holiday season.

At CoFertility, we abide by #selfcareeveryday. So whether you’re shopping for a fellow fertility warrior or just giving yourself a gift just because…no judgment here. In fact, every one of these gifts has our unofficial stamp of approval for being fun and functional.

Whatever you’re celebrating—the holidays, your body making it through another IVF cycle, new friendships formed with others #ttc—we hope you’re celebrating something this year. Because you freakin’ deserve it.

You can check out our roundup of the best fertility holiday gifts below, much of which can also be found at this Amazon list here.

Mira Fertility Tracker

Mira Fertility Tracker

If you want to get super serious about understanding your cycle, nothing tops the Mira Fertility Tracker. This bad boy is LEGIT—measuring your LH to a degree that was found by hospitals to be equivalent to leading lab grade readers. And no more smiley faces or interpreting blurry lines; Mira provides actual mIU/mL concentration levels to predict ovulation and sends this data directly to the corresponding app without any manual data entry. It’s truly the most modern ovulation tracker we’ve seen.

The Mira Fertility Tracker is a big ticket item, so the holidays are probably the best time to finally pull the trigger or casually throw out there that you’re eyeing this. The good news? CoFertility warriors can score an exclusive $25 off their purchase using code COFERTILITY. Done and done.

Ceramic Pineapple Candle—or pineapple anything, really

By now you may or may not know that the pineapple is the universal symbol for fertility. Yep, you’ve probably hit the pineapple hard after an IVF transfer—though the jury is out on if this actually impacts implantation, studies have shown the bromelain it contains (especially the core) can reduce inflammation—but many fertility warriors have taken to working this symbol into their everyday life. Hey, a little extra good vibes definitely can’t hurt. And this candle will help you get your zen on when you need it the most.

Hilariously Infertile

You may already know Karen Jeffries from Instagram, but if you don’t, give her account, @hilariously_infertile, a follow. Jeffries is our kind of girl, who tackles infertility head-on with honesty and humor as she chronicles her own infertility treatment.

As the title implies, this book will have you laughing out loud, with lots of “OMG—yes” sprinkled throughout. Read this as a palate cleanser before getting into the serious stuff.

Partridge Fertility Necklace

Ok, so the pineapple usually gets all the fertility symbolism love. But did you know the partridge is also a symbol of fertility, love and beauty? We kind of love that the partridge serves as the pineapple’s more discreet cousin here—so if you aren’t exactly the type who wants to wear their infertility on your sleeve as a conversation starter, this is a super sweet and meaningful gift.

Beli Supplement Subscription

Subscription boxes rock our world. But maybe this year, instead of adding FabFitFun to your wish list (again), why not ask for a subscription that’s a bit more, let’s say, useful, for you and your male partner if you have one.

Beli is one of the best male fertility supplements out there. It contains a proprietary ingredient blend specifically designated to improve sperm count, sperm growth, sperm quality, and sperm motility. It’s the gold standard, because it’s the only male fertility supplement out there that contains Shilajit, a miracle ingredient from the Himalayas shown to increase sperm count up to 60%, among other benefits.

Once you sign up for Beli, you’ll get a 30-day supply delivered monthly. You can set it and forget it, and cancel any at any time if you’re not feeling it. And because you’re already spending enough on your fertility, as an added bonus, you can score 15% off your Beli order using the code COFERTILITY at checkout. Win-win.

Attatoy Plus Uterus

For the person who LOLs through infertility—or maybe needs some help doing so—this is an ideal gift. Beyond being a great pillow to hug, cry into, or punch sometimes (hey, this is a judgment-free zone), this doesn’t require too much explanation. Can we make fertility-themed White Elephants a thing? Because this would be perfect.

Ava Fertility Tracker 2.0

Just because every Bachelor contestant is out there promoting a product doesn’t mean it’s isn’t legit. Often considered a “Fitbit for fertility,” the Ava bracelet is another awesome fertility tracker that automatically detects your BBT and a bunch of other factors that contribute to your cycle. It’s totally effortless (peace out, BBT thermometer and manual tracking!) and syncs with an app that auto-populates all of your data to predict your fertile window and upcoming period. You can also view your data over time to understand patterns and get a sense of the big picture.

23andMe DNA Test

If you haven’t already taken the plunge on full-scale genetic testing (which we do recommend), this is a great entry-level option to get to know your body. If you’re doing this fertility thing with a partner, 23 and Me could also be an awesome reciprocal gift to get each other. Don’t you love when we make life easy for you?

The test provides over 125 genetic reports on health, wellness, ancestry and more. If you and your partner have any crossovers in genetic abnormalities, you’ll definitely need to talk to a doctor about any implications for future embryos of yours. Hopefully you just come back 100% that b*tch (sorry, we had to), but at the very least, you’ll be armed with more knowledge about your precious genes.

Pineapple Potted Succulent

Yup, we’re back to pineapples. But seriously, who doesn’t love a succulent? We’re feeling this as prime desk decor to keep you sane throughout the work day when you’re not busy running late for meetings due to bloodwork, or ducking into conference rooms to take insurance or doctor phone calls.

Since you’ve already committed to 2020 being the year of Marie Kondo-ing everything, let’s include your office in that plan and primp that workspace. None of your coworkers have to know the real symbolism here—to them, this is just a cute little plant. Bonus: it’s actually artificial. So when you’re feeling like your own body is all out of whack, you can look at this little guy and feel good about it being as green and “alive” as ever. 😉

I’m Very Ferris

If you’ve gone through the IVF ringer and you have your miracle baby, yay! This is an adorable book that appropriately explains infertility and IVF from a child’s point of view and what his parents experienced to bring him into the world. Seriously so charming, and educational to boot. Just read the reviews from other IVF parents and you’ll see what we mean. A super cute gift for parents and kids alike.

Hanging Closet Organizer

We know, we know. You’re probably wondering why the F we included this item on our list. But hear us out! Thanks to Instagram, we’ve seen some awesome warriors using these to organize their fertility meds. Sometimes, all the medication, needles, syringes, gauze and alcohol wipes can be enough to make your head spin…or at the very least, enter into a state of disorganization. This will help you keep it all straight and visible.

No more digging around for the correct syringe for your progesterone, no more wondering how much Ganirelix you have left. And hey, when you’ve wrapped up your fertility journey, you can always use this for shoes and accessories. Call it a life hack, call it a time saver…we call it the gift that keeps on giving.

Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Bootie Slippers

If you’ve tried acupuncture, your practitioner has probably already preached to you the importance of keeping your feet warm for the sake of blood flow throughout your body. And whether you follow your acupuncturist’s recommendations religiously or take them with a grain of salt, we can all agree that, baby, it’s cold outside and inside, too.

Slippers are the quintessential holiday gift and these are no exception. In fact, these are slippers on steroids. Simply pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds, throw ‘em on, and your feet will be nice and toasty for the next 20 minutes. Pair that with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book you’ve got yourself a relaxing alternative to that holiday party you were planning on skipping anyway.

Vera Bradley Travel Pill Case

Your life doesn’t stop when you’re doing fertility treatment. So unless you’re miraculously able to stay home and hibernate for several weeks at a time (please tell us your secret!), you’ll need to take some meds and vitamins on-the-go.

This pill case also rocks because it allows you to keep those pills super organized. With compartments for each weekday plus an eighth bonus compartment, you can take this with you on your holiday travels or just throw it in your purse for your regular daily medication breaks.

Lucky Transfer Socks

Let’s face it. If you’re undergoing IVF, you’ll probably be a ball of nerves on retrieval day…and don’t get us started on transfer day. You’re going to need all the reassurance in the world that you got this. And these socks will give you just that.

Since you’ll be in a decidedly un-snazzy hospital gown and shower cap (that’s the best way we can describe those not-quite-hair-net, not-quite-hat things), we recommend preserving some sense of self in your otherwise super sterile retrieval day lewk. Those grippy socks they’ll give you at the clinic won’t exactly inspire you. But Rosie the Riveter will.

IVF WTF?!: An Adult Coloring and Stress Relief Book

This coloring book pokes some PG13 fun at the world of infertility while providing a therapeutic release. Studies have shown the stress-relieving benefits of coloring are akin to those of meditation and other mindfulness exercises, so we’re on board.

We’re especially down for holiday gifts that double as family activities. And what says holiday cheer like coloring uteruses together after opening gifts?

Modern Fertility Test

If you just started trying to conceive, or if you have a girlfriend who is curious to learn more about her fertility, Modern Fertility makes a great option to test your fertility at home. Depending on if you’re on birth control (and what kind), the kit will test between 1-8 hormones that may have implications for things like ovarian reserve, menopause onset…basically, things you’d want to know about.

Once you take the test, a doctor will review your results that you’ll see on a personalized dashboard, and you also get a free 1:1 consultation with a fertility nurse. Knowledge is power, and that’s the best gift of all, in our opinion.

Fertility Foods: 100+ Recipes to Nourish Your Body While Trying to Conceive

This book is the BEST if you, like us, are not the drink-a-gallon-of-bone broth-a-day type. News flash: you can still enjoy food if you’re trying to get pregnant! And Elizabeth Shaw and Sara Haas are here to show you how. With over 100 easy recipes, this book will have you eating well as you prepare for your FET/try to get your PCOS under control/insert fertility goal here.

Check out this book. And then invite us over when you make the Carrot Cake Pancakes on Christmas morning.

TheraPAQ Hot & Cold Therapy Reusable Gel Pack/Heat Wrap

This definitely isn’t the sexiest gift. But it might be the most useful. Guys, this thing is a game. changer. It does it all: provides heat when your swollen ovaries need relief after a retrieval, freezes up your butt before a progesterone shot, and so much more.

The best part: the velcro strap allows you to wear it while you multitask. It even fits under your clothes. No longer do you need to lay, fully immoble, just to balance an ice pack or heating pad. Who has time for that, anyway? Get this for a friend who’s about to start an IVF cycle—she’ll appreciate the practicality. And then get one for yourself. Twinsies!

ROHKLER Cooler Travel Case

Have you ever had to travel with fertility meds? Yeah, it’s a giant pain in the ass, especially when your medication needs to be refrigerated. It’s always just so inconvenient, and we’re over the whole lunchbox-ice-pack song and dance. If you’re nodding your head, ask for this travel case.

Technically, this is made for insulin, but it does the job just as well for fertility meds. It’s super insulated (with four ice packs!) and organized with specifically-designed spots for vials, alcohol wipes, needles, and more. While this travel case isn’t necessarily large enough to bring on a two-week excursion, it does the job for shorter trips. Plus, it’s got a pretty floral pattern, so it still feels like a “normal” travel case that might otherwise contain makeup or shampoo.

The IVF Journal

Planners always make great gifts, but this one is extra special. If you’ve been through the IVF process, you know it is an absolute b*tch to keep track of all the details. Monitoring, bills, insurance, procedures…and still trying to find time for self care. Yeah, it’s a lot. But thankfully, this IVF-specific planner has you covered.

The IVF Journal is for the person who wants to stay organized with all the moving parts of the IVF process. To us, it’s a small price to pay from keeping your head from totally exploding. Which would probably be a gift for everyone in your life right now, if we’re being honest.

Happy holidays, warriors!